Claritox Pro Reviews – Doest It Really Works? Important Update

Claritox Pro is a natural formula that not only cures vertigo and dizziness but targets the root cause of this problem and treats it from there.

The leading root cause of vertigo and dizziness is brain inflammation and toxins. It also protects the body from getting these problems again in the future.

Claritox Pro is created under the USA-based and GMP-certificate facility, which proves that these pills don’t contain any unhealthy substances or toxins that can damage the body.

Claritox Pro is the new supplement in the market to help you increase balance, and prevent Dizziness and Vertigo. It contains vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts to prevent dizziness symptoms and maintain overall health by giving strength to muscles. 

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Most people these days have motion sickness, a type of vertigo. In motion sickness, people may feel dizzy and off-balance, with a fear of getting slip or fall. This motion sickness occurs when people sit in a vehicle, going on winding roads in speed or winding roads in the mountain areas. 

This motion sickness can cause vomiting, dizziness, or headache. Due to this condition, people cannot even walk and have to sit and take rest for 5 to 10 minutes. But sometimes they get ill and it takes time to recover. This motion sickness becomes a part of life; they get upset and cannot enjoy their life freely. It is impossible for them to use vehicles.  

These people cannot even go on holiday or vacation because they have to go through long roads and winding roads that will trigger their motion sickness problem. 

There are many tips, methods, remedies, and medicine to control motion sickness but sometimes, this problem becomes so severe that these strategies cannot work.  

The same happened with Jim Benson; his vertigo problem became so intense that it could not be cured with these techniques. Then he realized to make a remedy based on plant extract to cure vertigo and dizziness. He created the natural formula called Claritox Pro , the most potent supplement on the market to cure vertigo, dizziness, and lightheadedness. 

This Claritox Pro review will let you know how this supplement helps you? Its benefits, advantages and disadvantages, its ingredients, and more.  

Introduction About Claritox Pro 

Claritox Pro is a natural formula that not only cures vertigo and dizziness but targets the root cause of this problem and treats it from there. 

The leading root cause of vertigo and dizziness is brain inflammation and toxins. It also protects the body from getting these problems again in the future. 

Claritox Pro is created under the USA-based and GMP-certificate facility, which proves that these pills don’t contain any unhealthy substances or toxins that can damage the body. 

This supplement impresses people with its natural and organic ingredients: zinc, ginseng, green tea, Berberine HCL, milk thistle, resveratrol, etc. All these ingredients are clinically tested and confirm that it does not contain any side effect and are safe to use for humans. 

People think vertigo and dizziness are old-related problems; some younger people also have this issue. Claritox Pro Supplement is designed in a way that works for both. 

The official website claims that people will either get results with Claritox Pro or they get full money back if it doesn’t work. 

Stay with us as we will discuss in detail how each ingredient works. 

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How Does Claritox Pro work? 

Claritox Pro works by reducing toxins in the brain and blood cells. 

As we get older, metabolism slows down, weakening our immune system and intestinal health . Hence, the body gets toxins, viruses, and other harmful bacteria to damage our brain and blood cells.  

This problem can be solved by taking healthy foods but we cannot get even one thing natural or pure these days; for this reason, we have to face these problems. 

We must take care of our brain cells and toxins to prevent vertigo and dizziness issues. Claritox Pro can nourish your brain cells with natural, organic, and plant extract ingredients. 

This Claritox Pro Supplement supports providing necessary nutrients to the body to improve digestion which is the main cause of every health illness. 

Creator Introduction 

We have limited information about the manufacturer of Claritox Pro Supplement, which we will share with you in this Claritox Pro Review. 

Jim Benson is the creator of Claritox Pro. He lives in a small village near Memphis, Tennessee. He is 67 years old and do farming with her wife, Alma. Therefore he knows the power of every plant to support overall health. Also, he uses these plant leaves in their daily meals to make body parts function correctly. 

He did many years of research on making natural formulas to support vertigo, dizziness, and balance issues. He finally gathered some plants extracts and created the formula called Claritox Pro. 

Then Jim contact manufacturing facility to receive clearance certificate. 

Now Claritox Pro is the best natural supplement to cure dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, digestion problems, and brain problems. 

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Claritox Pro Ingredients 

The Claritox Pro Ingredients are all-natural and organic and contain plants and herbs extracts that make this product a natural dietary supplement. All these plant extracts have been sourced from local farm growers who let their plant grow naturally. 


The zinc substance used in Claritox Pro is Zinc Gluconate. Zinc mineral is essential for the human body because it absorbs new vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to enhance metabolism. 

Zinc deficiency in the body may create many health problems such as vertigo, motion sickness, poor digestion, weak immune system, dizziness, and much more. 

Green Tea: 

Green Tea has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant stress properties. It reduces inflammation in the brain and blood cells which are harmed by toxins, viruses, impurities, and harmful bacteria. It also reduces stress and gives a healthy heart. 

Alpha-lipoic Acid: 

This component helps to combat free radicals that damage neurons in the brain and prevent you from migraines, strokes, or other brain problems. It boosts your nervous system to keep you active and aware. 


Chromium is used in medicines and drugs to control blood sugar and diabetes. It maintains the blood sugar levels in the body. This ingredient is common in many blood sugar supplements.  

Berberine HCL: 

Berberine HCL is a chemical formula found in tree roots or bark plants. It has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that protect the body from viruses and bacteria that may cause infection. Another benefit of this ingredient is it reduces blood pressure and improves heart function. 


Resveratrol is a plant component for maintaining brain function and improving balance. The main role of this component is to open narrow blood vessels which help to transfer blood consisting of nutrients and oxygen to the body organs, specifically to the brain organ. 

Milk thistle: 

This component has been used for years as a neurological remedy for Parkinson or Alzheimer’s disease. It enhances brain function and the nervous system to control balance. 


Banaba is a medium-sized tree native to the Philippines; its leaves are used in many medicines. Banaba contains many health benefits, such as controlling blood sugar, maintaining cholesterol levels, and increasing metabolic rate to digest food easily. 

Korean ginseng: 

This Korean Ginseng is helpful for overall health problems. It improves the immune system, gives the body energy, reduces stress, and maintains overall health. This element is added in Claritox Pro Ingredient to provide energy to the brain cells and restore good bacteria to flush toxins and maintain balance. 

Cayenne pepper: 

Cayenne pepper is a hot chilly spice that gives flavor to the dish. It is used in Claritox Pro to ease pain, protect heart health, improve digestion, boost metabolism, and reduce blood pressure. 

It contains vitamins A and C, necessary for the body to absorb nutrients from the food we take. 

Other Ingredients used in Claritox pro are Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin, and Microcrystalline cellulose. 

All ingredient information can be found on the official website. 

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Claritox Pro Dose Recommendation 

Every Claritox Pro bottle contains 60 capsules which are good enough for 30 days. 

It is advised by the creator to take two capsules daily with water or any other liquid substance to soak up these pills quickly and to take these pills after 30 minutes of each meal. 

The specific time of consuming these pills is not mentioned. So it’s up to you, but make a proper routine and follow it for one month so that your body gets used to it. 

I recommend you take one pill in the morning and one in the evening after dinner. 

Other precautions are available on the supplement label on their product page. 

It is recommended to use Claritox Pro for 3 to 6 months to get relief from vertigo and dizziness for your complete life. 

Claritox Pro Supplement Side Effects 

Claritox Pro is safe to use as it is made under the supervision of many doctors, scientifics, and manufacturing experts. 

People allergic to green tea, herbs, or other ingredients used in this supplement should look for alternative pills. 

Pregnant or nursing women must avoid it as the herbs used in Claritox Pro Formula are warm and not advised by the doctors to use it. 

Claritox Pro Supplement is not for kids who are under 18 years old. 

If you have any other health problems or taking precribed medicines, you should ignore these pills as they can worsen your situation. 

The manufacturer suggests reading all the necessary information on the supplement label before using it. 

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Claritox Pro Benefits: 

The benefits of Claritox Pro are described under: 

  • Claritox Pro is a dietary supplement used to treat motion sickness, vertigo, dizziness, lightheaded, vomiting, migraines, stroke, and nausea. 
  • It also supports the body maintaining blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. 
  • Claritox Pro Formula is created to treat vertigo and dizziness from the root cause of brain inflammation and toxins. 
  • This supplement helps even if you are above 70 years old, as no chemical or addictive substance is used. 
  • It helps to boost your nervous system and make your brain never get foggy again. 
  • It provides necessary vitamins and minerals to the body for increasing strength, energy, and stamina. 
  • Claritox Pro Supplement supports in promoting healthy blood flow to the brain parts and veins, ensuring toxins leave the brain cells on time and that no other bacteria or virus remains in your body. 
  • It improves the immune system for absorbing food quickly, no matter how much you eat, what you eat, and when you eat. 
  • It protects from other injuries from falling or slipping because of vertigo and dizziness. 
  • Customers who are using Claritox Pro with Neuro-Balance Therapy are getting quick and long-term results. 
  • It improves mental health by increasing concentration, focus, and alertness. 

Claritox Pro Pricing 

The best thing about Claritox Pro is that it is sold only on the official website. It protects your information and deliver genuine products to its users. 

The company offers three packages to their customers: 

  • 1 Bottle Package – The price of 1 bottle is $69 (1 Month Supply) 
  • 3 Bottles Package – The price of the package is $177. You will get per bottle at $59 (3 Month Supply) 
  • 6 Bottles Package – The price of the package is $294. You will get per bottle at $49 (6 Month Supply) 

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All these packages include free shipping if you are ordering from the US. The company also provides bulk discounts for buying 3 or 6 months packages. 

The manufacturer of Claritox Pro also gives enormous benefits to their user. They offer 100% full money back guarantee, which remain valid for 60 days of the purchase. After that company will not accept any refund request. 

If you want to apply for a refund, you can go to their official page and apply for a refund through customer support which is available 24/7. 

Claritox Pro Final Verdict

Claritox Pro is only offered to buy on the official store to save their user from scammers which sell fake supplements with the same name. They waste the money and put their health on the edge of getting worse. 

Thousands of people benefit from this supplement and share their experience in the Claritox Pro Reviews section on their official page. 

This supplement also solves the motion sickness problem in men and women so they can easily sit in vehicles and go to long journeys or vacations. 

The price per bottle is $69, but if you buy in bulk quantity, the price is reduced to $49, which I think is reasonable. 

The ingredients of Claritox Pro are plant and herbs based and take time to grow naturally, so if the supplement sells out, the customer has to wait for months to get restocked. 

In this Claritox Review, I suggest you use it for six months to gain full advantage. 

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Claritox Pro Frequently Asked Question 

Q: Can We Get a Discount On Bulk Orders? 

Yes, you can avail bulk discount on buying a 3 or 6 months package. 

Q: Where Can We Read Customer Reviews? 

You can read many happy customer reviews on their official website. Some customers complaints that it works slowly but it definitely works. We know that every human body functions differently, so some will get benefit early and some will take time. 

Q: Is Claritox Supplement Scam? 

You have seen many Google Titles like “Claritox Pro is Scam” or “Jim Benson is a Scammer” or “Claritox Doesn’t work”. But when you read thousands of customers mentioning they getting benefits from these pills, you realize that these Google Titles are trying to spread negativity about the product to sell their own products. 

Another way to prove that it is a scam or not. The company offers you a 100% full money-back guarantee. You have 60 days to try it and then decide whether it is for you or not. 

Q: How Is It Different From Other Supplements? 

This supplement uses naturally grown plants and herbs ingredients and is made under the USA-based facility that follow strict manufacturing practices. 

All the ingredients of Claritox Pro have been clinically tested and confirmed to be safe for all men and women above 18 years old. 

Also, read the supplement label from their official product page to get further information about the product. 




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